Friday, August 20, 2004

No flooding last night... (AP) The flood waters that have recently been rushing through the tables at PokerStars were no where to be found last night. We spoke to pdxDavid about what he witnessed just after midnight PST. "I really can't say for sure what happened. There were several times late last night where I found myself waist deep just knowing that the river would flood me out and it just didn't. It was incredible! There were at least 5 times I knew everything was on the line. I thought for sure it would all get washed away like a house of cards, but in the end I came out on top. There is no better feeling than that!

Okay enough of that. Last night I played in one Sit n Go. I must say that it was one of the best tables I have ever been at. It was a fairly tight game after the one maniac busted out. Early on he went all-in 3 or 4 times in one orbit and the last time he got called. He showed T8o! WTF!!! He was called by A6s. Wow, great hands!?! Alas the A6 took the pot and things settled down. Funny thing is if I ever tried calling against that hand I know the flop would come 888, turn would be a T and another T on the river just to put me in my place. We are down to 8.

Another guy played every hand for the first 2 orbits. He had only built up to about 1700 in chips, but he sat out the rest of the way. Not all the way. He actually played his last hand with 40 chips left. I don't know what happened, I just wish I would have been directly to his right.

This was a very long $5 SnG. We made it all the way to 300/600 blinds. It was entertaining and quite a battle all the way since I really never had more than 2800 in chips the entire way.

The best part was the other people at the table. I don't usually chat it up much but there were 3 others that were just really nice. Dan T in CA, MacTX22 and I cannot remember the other guys name had something to do with Pharlap or Chairflap, anyway, his avatar was a pic of Bobby Knight. Insane college basketball coach for Texas Tech, formerly of Indiana. Not sure how that guy ever got another coaching job, but that is another topic. Another topic along the lines, but not quite as bad as a parent that lets there kid stay at Neverland Ranch. Whatever?

As I have posted before Poker Stars has not been very kind to me on the river card lately. I know it all averages out in the end, but does the end have to always be at my table? Just kidding, I know that the bad beats happen everywhere, even on TV. I don't think I have ever gone Hellmuth on anyone, although some have deserved it. Last night was another story alltogether. There were at least 5 times late in the game that I was allin and the other guy had outs, sometimes many of them and I always came out ahead. I guess it was the law of averages balancing out. I hope I am still owed some, hehe. Otherwise I am in for another bad run.

We got down to 2 players and he had about 11,000 in chips. As is my custom when I am outchipped by this much I like to type in the chat window... "You are in trouble now!, hehe" We both laughed, and I folded the first hand to put me at around 2200. I doubled up on the next hand when he called my allin after the flop with overcards. None hit and I doubled up. I joked that I only needed 4 more and we would be done. We laughed again. Short story long I got my 4 more and took home first place. It was a great feeling to make the right moves and be rewarded for them. It seems like a good share of the time I make the right moved and promptly get punished for it. It is part of the game and I love it.

Either way it was a great table and one hell of a contest.



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