Thursday, June 10, 2004


I had a nice little run going since we last spoke.


My best night ever.

I entered and won a $10 SnG. +34
Played .10/.25 NL. Did well. +38
Entered my first $20 SnG 2nd. +32

Total for the night: +$104

This was just one of those nights were everything was going my way. Although, I was never the chip leader at either of the Sit N Goes. I played solid and hit some good cards when I needed them. The best thing is, when I hit those good cards they stood up. It was a great feeling. If you have been with me since the beginning of this blog, and I am sure you haven't. You know that I only recently moved up in SnG buyin level. I had been playing the $5 buyin and have now moved up to playing the $10. After winning the $10 and posting a nice profit at the NL ring I decided to try my luck at a $20 SnG. I know it is only 1, but I found it to play exactly like the $5 and $10 tables. Sweet, same game and more money when you win, place and show. One thing that stands out is that I don't remember any hands that I am kicking myself for. I was able to laydown the hand when the flop didn't hit me and I didn't have a strong draw, or I was just folding away like a good little poker soldier. I guess maybe I was storing up the stupidity for Wednesday. Grrr!!!!


The night started off great. I got home from work. Turned on the new big screen. Grabbed a beer and the left overs out of the fridge. A $10 SnG was just about to start... I am in.

The game played out like most. A couple guys are playing really tight early (me being one of them) one guy is trying to run the table. Another is getting pissed because the guy trying to run the table over is hitting his cards and building a stack. I don't care I just sit back and drink my beer. Taking it all in.

I take a small pot to get me back near the T1500 starting amount. A couple guys bust out. The runover the table guy is still trying to run the table over but he is not hitting his cards anymore. He is no longer building his stack, and soon after he busts out in 4th. Okay, I am going to admit it, I got lucky and hit a Poker Stars ultimate suckout to take out the 3rd place guy. I was SB and I went allin with K5d called by BB with KJo. I hit a 5 on the turn and he got no help on the river. At this point we were even in chips. The heads up portion lasted about 35 minutes. The chips went back and forth. I was down to T2000 at one point and came back to win it when I hit a good run of cards. I called a bluff when I paired the board and the hand held up for the win.

+ $34

If I didn't know the rest of the night was real I would swear it was written by Stephen King.

The bad thing is I was getting really great second best hands. I hit a set of 10s and someone would call my raises to flush me on the river. I am BB with KK. 6 ppl limp to me I raise to $2. 3 callers. Flop is a J high rainbow. I bet $2. 1 caller. Turn is a spade rag. There are now 2 spades on board. I bet out $4. Call. River is another spade. I know I am beat but call his allin bet. He has J4s. Nice.

It happened again later. I had a set on the flop and bet strong all the way only to get rivered by a diamond flush.

I went on a bit of tilt here and through away the rest of my $30.

Then I went to bed.

The night started out so well and then turned out so wrong. I really have to work on just shutting it down if things are not going well. I was playing like the true fish that I am. Calling when I knew I was beat just to make sure I was not getting bluffed off the best hand. It was terrible. I will do better next time.

Thanks for listening,



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