Tuesday, June 15, 2004

Weekend update... LIVE!

There is a live poker tourney in La Center, Washington, 20 miles from where I live every day at noon. I have been there one time and ended 25/35. Not good but it was my first 'live' experience. I did not win one pot. Ended up going out with pocket 9s. Guy called with pocket 7s. 7 came on the flop and I was on the road home.

I went to play Monday. You have to be there around 10AM to get in line and they start signups at 11AM. Only 30 players get in and they also take 5 alternates. Last time I was the 2nd alt. in. The buyin is $20 with no addons or rebuys.

I got there about 10:30 and the line was all the way around the inside of the room. Not good. I have been wanting to see what the limits are at the other card rooms they have there so I went to the New Frontier casino just across the street. They had immediate seating for 4/8. Too big for this little fella. The highest level I have played online is 1/2. I asked and found that the buyin was $30 for the 3/6 game. I bought in for $50. The table was loose. People calling anything down. Playing T2o from any position. I folded for what seemed like an eternity. I finally found AJs and raised pre flop. I hit a J on a Jack high rainbow flop. There were no straight or flush draws so I checked. EP bet I called. Turn is a rag. (CAUTION! Trick play ahead) Check, bet, raise, call. I figure I have my one extra bet so after another rag on the river I bet he calls and shows 3rd pair? I like this game. I pull in a nice pot.

Next hand I get 88. I limp in and hit my set on the flop. There is a flush and straight draw on the board so I bet out. I get called in two places. Turn is innocent. I bet and get one caller. River is nothing. I bet and he calls showing A high. Sweet another good size pot. I tip $3 and appologize for missing her the hand before.

Now for the good laydown of the day:

I get AKo in LP. It is raised in front of me I just call. Flop gives me nothing. EP bets pre flop raiser raises. I start to reach for some chips cause I am 'running good'. Something in my head reminds me that this preflop raiser has not raised before only called. Called with crap but called only. I fold. EP calls all the way down to the river. Preflop shows AA. Good thing I didn't hit on that flop.

Here is the hand I am kicking myself for, and the reason I folded it:

I am dealt A8c in MP. Now online I have really been dropping a lot of bets playing this kind of hand. So, I told myself that I should fold and I did. Another reason that I folded is because the guy to my left had raised every hand since he sat down pre flop and I didn't want to pay $6 to see a flop.

Looking back, these are the reasons that I should have played this hand. 1) Every player at the table limped in. 2) The flop came A high. 3) Flop came with 2 clubs. 4) the turn was the third club that would have given me the nuts. 5) The river was a fourth club making people bet with any club.

I missed out on a huge pot. I was too busy kicking myself to notice exactly how much the final tally was, but suffice to say it was BIG. There were 5 people in till the river. DOH!!!

I stacked up my chips and called it a day when my BB came around.

Overall I think I played very well. At first I was afraid I was going to be run over in this game. I am not sure if live play is different at the 3/6 level or if I just sat down at a unusual table. Either way I doubled my money in 45 minutes and went home happy. Well except for talking to myself about the A8c fold all the way.

Online didn't go as well. Won a $10 SnG. Entered another got KK early. Ended up allin after a Jack high flop. He shows AJo, hits his 3rd Jack on the river and I am out of there.

Short story long is I ended up -$4 online. Up $50 live.

One funny note is that after busting out of the SnG with KK I sat down at a .10/20 NL table. First hand is KK. I end up allin for about $10 on a Jack high flop. Sounds familiar don't it? Turn is a rag and the river is another rag. He shows AJo. WILD!



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