Friday, June 04, 2004


Read the sign. Please don't tap the glass!

Sorry about the lack of posts,

Been busy doing nothing.

I have been playing a bit lately. Not doing so well at SnG's, but I have been making up for it at the .10/.25 NL tables.

I was playing at the .25/.50 NL tables and I was holding my own there. Logged on to Poker Stars a couple of nights ago and it was just the regular shark fest, so I thought I would take a look at the next lower limit available.

You have to remember that I am not looking to strike it rich. I am just learning and trying to stay profitable at this point. Okay, I guess it wouldn't be so bad if I did strike it rich... I will hold off on the 100/200 tables for now.

So far I am up about $80 in my last 5 sessions at these tables. I don't really play all that long either. One hour at one sitting would be the max. Not that I do not want to put in more time. I just try to play when the wife and kids are gone or sleeping.

Here is a fish story. I am the fish.

I am pretty ashamed of my last $10 SnG. I played a hand so badly that I just wanted to kick myself. I am UTG and I am dealt QQ. We are at the 25/50 level in blinds. Table has been playing pretty tight. My stack is ~T1300. I raise to 150. Folded around and LP and BB call. Flop comes J high rainbow. I bet out 150 LP folds BB raises to 300. I put him on a J with a possible A kicker. I believe I am ahead so I call. Turn is a rag, but puts the spade flush draw as a possibility. Looking back this is where I am thinking I made the big mistake. I should have pushed it allin here since I believed I was ahead. Instead I bet 150 again. BB calls. River is a 7s putting the possible flush on the board. I again bet 150, he raises me allin. I call. He takes it down with the flush holding KJs. I am out in 8th.

He said he thought he was behind most of the way. I wonder if he would have called my allin on the turn. I know I played it wrong. Especially the call on the river. I was pretty sure I was beat. But was still holding on to the thought he had AJ and was betting his TPTK. Live and learn I guess. TAP! TAP!

That was the one SnG that stood out. I played 2 other since I last posted. 4th and 7th. The 4th place I am not too unhappy about, but the 7th I can do without. Got a lot carried away with a good starting hand that never improved.

Good luck at the tables, unless it is my table,


At June 5, 2004 at 1:33 PM, Blogger Jorgen said...

You should be playing at Party Poker, the competition there is much softer and it is a whole lot easier to make money than on Stars. Of course, if you like the competition you could stay on Stars.

At June 5, 2004 at 4:45 PM, Blogger pdx_David said...

I keep seeing people talk about how soft Party is, and I keep meaning to take some money out and at least get in on some of the bonus offers. Thanks for posting, and I will be testing the waters at Party soon.



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