Saturday, June 05, 2004

I hate it when I do that...

Why the hell does an Ace always flop when I have KK? My first hand last night I get KK. I raise it to $2 after 4 limpers. BB calls and the flop comes Ace high. I throw out a feeler bet of $1 and he raises me to $4. Not sure if he hit a set or had the Ace, but I was pretty sure I was beat so I laid it down.

Here is something that most will find odd. I actually like getting crap hands like 74o, T3o etc... Why you ask? I am not tempted to play this garbage. Last night I got some really nice starting hands that just never improved. When I bet out to try and take it I got caught everytime. When I hung around drawing to nut flushes and open ended straights, I just lost money. It was painful. I would rather have 10 crap hands that I fold knowing that I will get solid cards soon then have a run of good starting hands that don't improve. Usually I am able to lay these mediocre hands down, but last night I was tilting after a couple of early hands that went wrong. I should really just shut it down and find something else to do. My problem is I can see that these tables are beatable. Towards the end I was dealt AKh and this new guy that had raised the two previous hands to like $3+ raised it to $3.50. I am thinking this guy is one of those that just sits down with $10 and tries to double it and run so I went allin for just under $10 thinking he would just fold and settle down a bit. Nope, he called it and I paired my King. He mucked. I requested the hand history and found that he had A2o?!?! I guess it made sense because part of his name was "crazy". Maybe he thought he would crack my Kings with his Ace. Seems to happen fairly often, so maybe he wasn't too crazy.

I also played a 10 SnG.

It went the way that most of my SnG's have gone lately. I get short-stacked early when I stay in too long betting with AQ or AJ. Then I hang out and double up somehow. Then I hang out some more and I am in the money. Next I steal a couple blinds and let the big stack take the other guy out cause when some of them hit the money they really start playing a little too loose. Now in second and feeling pretty good. I get allin with ATo and I am called down with JJ. I don't improve and I take my $17 profit and promptly lose most of it at the .10/.25 NL table. Then I slowly make it all back plus a small profit. Then I go to bed.

Last night: +$28
Today: -$22


At December 5, 2006 at 5:02 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

The Reason an ace always flops when you have KK on jokerstars is because its rigged. It happens to me as well and many others, well over 75% of the time if I have KK and ace flops. and i am lucky only if i flop a set so flop is AKx etc


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