Monday, June 07, 2004

Cannot complain...

Hello, hope both of you are doing well today.

Today went well for me, but I think every day that my bankroll moves in the positive direction is a good day.

I played 1 hour of NL and profited 12.80 for my trouble. There was a lot of folding from me. I scooped a couple of small pots. The one standout hand was when I was dealt 99 in LP. EP raised to $1 and I was the only one that called. Flop was all low cards. PFR went allin for ~$8!?! I thought for a couple seconds and called. No high cards hit the board and my 9s held up for a nice $18 pot. I forgot to grab the hand history so I am not sure what he had. I can only guess that it was Ax?

I played in one $10 Sng and took 3rd. I doubled up late with T9c when I hit two pair on the flop. I went allin and was called. He had an inside straight draw and low pair. The chip leader was playing very aggressive. He was also taunting these two Oregon Duck fans. Everytime he was going to raise PF he would type in "quack quack". I am from Oregon as well but not a big fan of the Ducks. He ended up busting both of them. They gave him the normal name calling and then they were off. I survived to finish 3rd. Not great. Got caught trying to steal a pot. Then my ATo was called by TT. No help for me and I was out.

I was supposed to play in a live tourney today. $20 buyin, 30 players, 5 alternates. I bought a bigscreen TV that will be delivered today, so I will have to wait till next week. I have only played poker in a B&M one time. It was the same tourney and I was out 25/35. It sure was fun though.

Todays Total: + $18.50


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