Friday, June 25, 2004

Man I hate when this happens...

Lately it has been time for the variance and cold streaks to catch up to me. Compounded with some bad plays and pure stupidity I am down about $80 since I last posted. Most of it in the past 3 days.

Reading posts by other bloggers lately it seems to be a trend. I cannot hit a draw to save my life. I will admit that I have made some bad calls trying to hit them lately, but even when I am playing correctly and only calling the draws with proper odds, I still cannot hit to save my stack. At least it seems that way. I still have not made the investment in Poker Tracker, so I cannot back this up with actual statistics. I am sure if I was running good I would not remember the last time I didn't hit my draw. As they say, "That is poker". I HATE "they".

On a good note. I did see my favorite band KISS in concert Tuesday. It was a helluva a show as are all KISS shows. If you have not seen them live, and you are any kind of fan. This is a must see show. Ace and Peter are not with them, but you would hardly know it if you didn't know to look for Ace's moonlike face.

Anyways, my shift is over and it is time to go home.


Tuesday, June 15, 2004

Weekend update... LIVE!

There is a live poker tourney in La Center, Washington, 20 miles from where I live every day at noon. I have been there one time and ended 25/35. Not good but it was my first 'live' experience. I did not win one pot. Ended up going out with pocket 9s. Guy called with pocket 7s. 7 came on the flop and I was on the road home.

I went to play Monday. You have to be there around 10AM to get in line and they start signups at 11AM. Only 30 players get in and they also take 5 alternates. Last time I was the 2nd alt. in. The buyin is $20 with no addons or rebuys.

I got there about 10:30 and the line was all the way around the inside of the room. Not good. I have been wanting to see what the limits are at the other card rooms they have there so I went to the New Frontier casino just across the street. They had immediate seating for 4/8. Too big for this little fella. The highest level I have played online is 1/2. I asked and found that the buyin was $30 for the 3/6 game. I bought in for $50. The table was loose. People calling anything down. Playing T2o from any position. I folded for what seemed like an eternity. I finally found AJs and raised pre flop. I hit a J on a Jack high rainbow flop. There were no straight or flush draws so I checked. EP bet I called. Turn is a rag. (CAUTION! Trick play ahead) Check, bet, raise, call. I figure I have my one extra bet so after another rag on the river I bet he calls and shows 3rd pair? I like this game. I pull in a nice pot.

Next hand I get 88. I limp in and hit my set on the flop. There is a flush and straight draw on the board so I bet out. I get called in two places. Turn is innocent. I bet and get one caller. River is nothing. I bet and he calls showing A high. Sweet another good size pot. I tip $3 and appologize for missing her the hand before.

Now for the good laydown of the day:

I get AKo in LP. It is raised in front of me I just call. Flop gives me nothing. EP bets pre flop raiser raises. I start to reach for some chips cause I am 'running good'. Something in my head reminds me that this preflop raiser has not raised before only called. Called with crap but called only. I fold. EP calls all the way down to the river. Preflop shows AA. Good thing I didn't hit on that flop.

Here is the hand I am kicking myself for, and the reason I folded it:

I am dealt A8c in MP. Now online I have really been dropping a lot of bets playing this kind of hand. So, I told myself that I should fold and I did. Another reason that I folded is because the guy to my left had raised every hand since he sat down pre flop and I didn't want to pay $6 to see a flop.

Looking back, these are the reasons that I should have played this hand. 1) Every player at the table limped in. 2) The flop came A high. 3) Flop came with 2 clubs. 4) the turn was the third club that would have given me the nuts. 5) The river was a fourth club making people bet with any club.

I missed out on a huge pot. I was too busy kicking myself to notice exactly how much the final tally was, but suffice to say it was BIG. There were 5 people in till the river. DOH!!!

I stacked up my chips and called it a day when my BB came around.

Overall I think I played very well. At first I was afraid I was going to be run over in this game. I am not sure if live play is different at the 3/6 level or if I just sat down at a unusual table. Either way I doubled my money in 45 minutes and went home happy. Well except for talking to myself about the A8c fold all the way.

Online didn't go as well. Won a $10 SnG. Entered another got KK early. Ended up allin after a Jack high flop. He shows AJo, hits his 3rd Jack on the river and I am out of there.

Short story long is I ended up -$4 online. Up $50 live.

One funny note is that after busting out of the SnG with KK I sat down at a .10/20 NL table. First hand is KK. I end up allin for about $10 on a Jack high flop. Sounds familiar don't it? Turn is a rag and the river is another rag. He shows AJo. WILD!


Thursday, June 10, 2004


I had a nice little run going since we last spoke.


My best night ever.

I entered and won a $10 SnG. +34
Played .10/.25 NL. Did well. +38
Entered my first $20 SnG 2nd. +32

Total for the night: +$104

This was just one of those nights were everything was going my way. Although, I was never the chip leader at either of the Sit N Goes. I played solid and hit some good cards when I needed them. The best thing is, when I hit those good cards they stood up. It was a great feeling. If you have been with me since the beginning of this blog, and I am sure you haven't. You know that I only recently moved up in SnG buyin level. I had been playing the $5 buyin and have now moved up to playing the $10. After winning the $10 and posting a nice profit at the NL ring I decided to try my luck at a $20 SnG. I know it is only 1, but I found it to play exactly like the $5 and $10 tables. Sweet, same game and more money when you win, place and show. One thing that stands out is that I don't remember any hands that I am kicking myself for. I was able to laydown the hand when the flop didn't hit me and I didn't have a strong draw, or I was just folding away like a good little poker soldier. I guess maybe I was storing up the stupidity for Wednesday. Grrr!!!!


The night started off great. I got home from work. Turned on the new big screen. Grabbed a beer and the left overs out of the fridge. A $10 SnG was just about to start... I am in.

The game played out like most. A couple guys are playing really tight early (me being one of them) one guy is trying to run the table. Another is getting pissed because the guy trying to run the table over is hitting his cards and building a stack. I don't care I just sit back and drink my beer. Taking it all in.

I take a small pot to get me back near the T1500 starting amount. A couple guys bust out. The runover the table guy is still trying to run the table over but he is not hitting his cards anymore. He is no longer building his stack, and soon after he busts out in 4th. Okay, I am going to admit it, I got lucky and hit a Poker Stars ultimate suckout to take out the 3rd place guy. I was SB and I went allin with K5d called by BB with KJo. I hit a 5 on the turn and he got no help on the river. At this point we were even in chips. The heads up portion lasted about 35 minutes. The chips went back and forth. I was down to T2000 at one point and came back to win it when I hit a good run of cards. I called a bluff when I paired the board and the hand held up for the win.

+ $34

If I didn't know the rest of the night was real I would swear it was written by Stephen King.

The bad thing is I was getting really great second best hands. I hit a set of 10s and someone would call my raises to flush me on the river. I am BB with KK. 6 ppl limp to me I raise to $2. 3 callers. Flop is a J high rainbow. I bet $2. 1 caller. Turn is a spade rag. There are now 2 spades on board. I bet out $4. Call. River is another spade. I know I am beat but call his allin bet. He has J4s. Nice.

It happened again later. I had a set on the flop and bet strong all the way only to get rivered by a diamond flush.

I went on a bit of tilt here and through away the rest of my $30.

Then I went to bed.

The night started out so well and then turned out so wrong. I really have to work on just shutting it down if things are not going well. I was playing like the true fish that I am. Calling when I knew I was beat just to make sure I was not getting bluffed off the best hand. It was terrible. I will do better next time.

Thanks for listening,


Monday, June 07, 2004

Cannot complain...

Hello, hope both of you are doing well today.

Today went well for me, but I think every day that my bankroll moves in the positive direction is a good day.

I played 1 hour of NL and profited 12.80 for my trouble. There was a lot of folding from me. I scooped a couple of small pots. The one standout hand was when I was dealt 99 in LP. EP raised to $1 and I was the only one that called. Flop was all low cards. PFR went allin for ~$8!?! I thought for a couple seconds and called. No high cards hit the board and my 9s held up for a nice $18 pot. I forgot to grab the hand history so I am not sure what he had. I can only guess that it was Ax?

I played in one $10 Sng and took 3rd. I doubled up late with T9c when I hit two pair on the flop. I went allin and was called. He had an inside straight draw and low pair. The chip leader was playing very aggressive. He was also taunting these two Oregon Duck fans. Everytime he was going to raise PF he would type in "quack quack". I am from Oregon as well but not a big fan of the Ducks. He ended up busting both of them. They gave him the normal name calling and then they were off. I survived to finish 3rd. Not great. Got caught trying to steal a pot. Then my ATo was called by TT. No help for me and I was out.

I was supposed to play in a live tourney today. $20 buyin, 30 players, 5 alternates. I bought a bigscreen TV that will be delivered today, so I will have to wait till next week. I have only played poker in a B&M one time. It was the same tourney and I was out 25/35. It sure was fun though.

Todays Total: + $18.50

Saturday, June 05, 2004

I hate it when I do that...

Why the hell does an Ace always flop when I have KK? My first hand last night I get KK. I raise it to $2 after 4 limpers. BB calls and the flop comes Ace high. I throw out a feeler bet of $1 and he raises me to $4. Not sure if he hit a set or had the Ace, but I was pretty sure I was beat so I laid it down.

Here is something that most will find odd. I actually like getting crap hands like 74o, T3o etc... Why you ask? I am not tempted to play this garbage. Last night I got some really nice starting hands that just never improved. When I bet out to try and take it I got caught everytime. When I hung around drawing to nut flushes and open ended straights, I just lost money. It was painful. I would rather have 10 crap hands that I fold knowing that I will get solid cards soon then have a run of good starting hands that don't improve. Usually I am able to lay these mediocre hands down, but last night I was tilting after a couple of early hands that went wrong. I should really just shut it down and find something else to do. My problem is I can see that these tables are beatable. Towards the end I was dealt AKh and this new guy that had raised the two previous hands to like $3+ raised it to $3.50. I am thinking this guy is one of those that just sits down with $10 and tries to double it and run so I went allin for just under $10 thinking he would just fold and settle down a bit. Nope, he called it and I paired my King. He mucked. I requested the hand history and found that he had A2o?!?! I guess it made sense because part of his name was "crazy". Maybe he thought he would crack my Kings with his Ace. Seems to happen fairly often, so maybe he wasn't too crazy.

I also played a 10 SnG.

It went the way that most of my SnG's have gone lately. I get short-stacked early when I stay in too long betting with AQ or AJ. Then I hang out and double up somehow. Then I hang out some more and I am in the money. Next I steal a couple blinds and let the big stack take the other guy out cause when some of them hit the money they really start playing a little too loose. Now in second and feeling pretty good. I get allin with ATo and I am called down with JJ. I don't improve and I take my $17 profit and promptly lose most of it at the .10/.25 NL table. Then I slowly make it all back plus a small profit. Then I go to bed.

Last night: +$28
Today: -$22

Friday, June 04, 2004


Read the sign. Please don't tap the glass!

Sorry about the lack of posts,

Been busy doing nothing.

I have been playing a bit lately. Not doing so well at SnG's, but I have been making up for it at the .10/.25 NL tables.

I was playing at the .25/.50 NL tables and I was holding my own there. Logged on to Poker Stars a couple of nights ago and it was just the regular shark fest, so I thought I would take a look at the next lower limit available.

You have to remember that I am not looking to strike it rich. I am just learning and trying to stay profitable at this point. Okay, I guess it wouldn't be so bad if I did strike it rich... I will hold off on the 100/200 tables for now.

So far I am up about $80 in my last 5 sessions at these tables. I don't really play all that long either. One hour at one sitting would be the max. Not that I do not want to put in more time. I just try to play when the wife and kids are gone or sleeping.

Here is a fish story. I am the fish.

I am pretty ashamed of my last $10 SnG. I played a hand so badly that I just wanted to kick myself. I am UTG and I am dealt QQ. We are at the 25/50 level in blinds. Table has been playing pretty tight. My stack is ~T1300. I raise to 150. Folded around and LP and BB call. Flop comes J high rainbow. I bet out 150 LP folds BB raises to 300. I put him on a J with a possible A kicker. I believe I am ahead so I call. Turn is a rag, but puts the spade flush draw as a possibility. Looking back this is where I am thinking I made the big mistake. I should have pushed it allin here since I believed I was ahead. Instead I bet 150 again. BB calls. River is a 7s putting the possible flush on the board. I again bet 150, he raises me allin. I call. He takes it down with the flush holding KJs. I am out in 8th.

He said he thought he was behind most of the way. I wonder if he would have called my allin on the turn. I know I played it wrong. Especially the call on the river. I was pretty sure I was beat. But was still holding on to the thought he had AJ and was betting his TPTK. Live and learn I guess. TAP! TAP!

That was the one SnG that stood out. I played 2 other since I last posted. 4th and 7th. The 4th place I am not too unhappy about, but the 7th I can do without. Got a lot carried away with a good starting hand that never improved.

Good luck at the tables, unless it is my table,