Friday, May 28, 2004

Not good...

Last night didn't go so well. It could have, but...

Logged in to Poker Stars around midnight my time. Got a seat at a 10+1 1 SnG.

Played very tight early on like I always try too. First hand I folded KQd UTG. Probably shouldn't have... Would have missed the flop and been out of position for the rest of the hand, so looking back it wasn't a bad decision at all.

Took down a small pot to put me ~T1700, and in to 3rd in chips. Folded some more junk hands.

We are down to 7 and I pick up K3o in the BB and there are 2 limpers. I check it and the flop comes 3KK. When this happens I hear Vince VanPatten's voice in my head, "The Star Spangled Banner is going off in his head", "How is he going to play it". I of course try to slowplay it.

Now back to Vince, "He's dug a hole and put the leaves and branches over it, and he is just waiting for his opponent to fall in".

SB bets out 150. I call. MP folds. Turn is J. I check. SB bets 300. I raise it to 600. He reraises to 900. I call. River is a T. I am thinking that he could have a straight and I believe there was even a 3 flush on the board. I bet out he has me covered and goes allin. I call.

He turns over KT for a rivered Full House. I say nh and close the window.

I don't think I played it too poorly. He could have been on a flush draw. I was ahead most of the way.

I cannot blame him for sticking around either, I know I would find it very hard to fold KT with 2 Kings on the flop.

Total: -$11

Nothing else is filling up so I end up sitting down at a .25/.50 NL. I buyin for my normal $20. (Would not mind some feedback on this buyin. To small? $50 is the limit at this level.)

I wait for the BB. End up folding a couple of hands.

3rd hand I get QQ. I am in MP. 2 limpers to me. I raise to $2. SB, BB, and EP call, MP folds. Flop comes A high. Checked to me so I bet $3. SB calls others fold. Turn is a K. I bet out $2 and he goes over the top enough to put me allin. I think for a bit and fold. I hate that.

These kind of hands have been getting me in trouble lately so I folded. Not sure it was the best play, but I really thought I was beat at this point. Although, it could have been that I showed weekness and he put me to the test. I will never know for sure.

So I am down about $12. I limp a few times, but have to fold when nothing hits and there is a bet or two in front of me, and I am down to around $8. I pick up a couple small pots to put me at $10.

I think by this time I should have just called it a night because this is when I start to overplay pairs and high cards.

Another short story long. I end up giving the rest of my 20 to the same guy that took the first half of it. I don't even remember the hand. I know he called a $5 bet with 3rd pair. I did not improve.

Total: -$31



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