Friday, May 21, 2004

How did I get started you ask?

Okay, you didn't ask, but I will tell you anyway.

Like a lot of new poker players I got hooked while watching Moneymaker win it all on ESPN. It was not on the original run, but on one of the millions of repeats that ESPN has blessed/cursed us with. Chris had the Poker Stars hat on so that is where I went. This looked like fun so I thought I would see if they had play money games.

I started playing the play money tables and the freeroll tourneys.

The first time I signed up for a freeroll tourney I was away from the computer when it started. When I got back I was down to about T1200, I was looking at AKs, and being the WSOP viewer that I am I went allin... and LOST! WHAT! AK is not supposed to lose. Later I would learn that AK is still a drawing hand. About the best drawing hand you can have, but a drawing hand it is.

So I kept playing the freerolls and the playmoney tables. In my second freeroll I got 188th place, and could not have been happier. I was unaware of things like suckouts, dominated hands, position play, blind stealing and all the other things that a good player puts to use.

I would watch the higher limit tables. I picked a couple of the Leader Board players to watch, and also started watching the end of real money tournies here and there.

I had never played a real money game of Holdem. Ever. One day I was watching the end of a tourney and when it got down to 3 players they decided to chop it. They were having trouble coming up with the amounts each person would get. Round and round it went... what about this? What about that? No, nah. Jokingly I said, "One of you owes me $10 for sitting through this:)" I guess one of them got a kick out of it and he did indeed send me $10 real money.

WOW! I have a bankroll!

More rambling tomorrow.



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