Monday, May 24, 2004

Getting late here...

What can I say, I've had better days, and I have had worse. So goes my poker life.

I really need to stop attempting to play when the wife and kids are around, or even awake, or even if the baby might wake up.

I have just recently moved from the $5+.50 to the $10+1 Sit and Goes. It took me a while to make the move. Maybe a bit longer than it should. I would dabble at the higher level here and there, but would scamper back to the lower level like a whipped dog after getting beat. I really need to start reviewing my hand histories, and should probably take the plunge and get Poker Tracker. It really seems like a valuable tool. Especially since I have started playing the .25/.50 NL ring games. Would be nice to have some stats on the other players. My note taking still needs much improvement. Plus, most of my notes were on the laptop, and now that there is no networking with the laptop, that is where they have to stay.

I don't really play a lot. Well, let me take that back. I do play a lot, but not compared to other bloggers. I usually will play around an hour a day at the NL ring, and 1 or 2 SnGs.

Today I played just that, I dropped my $20 buyin at the NL ring. It was really poorly played on my part. There was this one over aggressive guy that would call any raise and raise 5-6xBB with as low as 3rd pair. This was happening over and over again. I saw him showdown and win with more junk than I care to remember. It was just plain sick.

This is the kind of play I don't really like. It is hard for me to put them on a hand, and I either give them my buyin or double up off them. It's good it's bad, that is poker at the low limits.

Here is how this one breaks down. I have 77 in MP. Folded to me so I make it $1.50 and would have been happy to take the blinds. I usually play very tight and I had been there for maybe 3 rounds of blinds at the time. I had raise PF one time and everyone folded. I get 2 callers and the flop is J64 rainbow. Here is where I should have bet to see where I was, but I checked. He bet $2 and I called. Turn was no help. I lead out with $1.50 and he raised my to $5. I reraised for the rest of my stack and he called. He showed QJo and took the pot. I really hate when I do this because I feel really stupid. He showed aggression and I just let him work me over and take my money.

I didn't rebuy so I am down $20.

I entered a $10+1 SnG.

Nothing major happened here. I ended up out on the bubble. Didn't get many playable hands and when I did either I didn't hit the flop with my draws or there were just too many overcards to my low pair.

Out another $11. Total -$31.

The family and I were out most of the day. We saw Shrek 2. If you liked the first one you will most likely enjoy this one as well. Good stuff.

After the wife and kids were tucked in bed for the night I logged on to PS and checked the ring games. Mostly the usual sharks so I didn't dip my feet in that water.

I entered another $10+1.

I took a couple small pots early by hitting a straight in the BB and when my AQs hit a Q on the flop to put me around T1800. Then it was fold, fold, fold followed closely by more folding. Every time I would get a marginal hand there was a raise in front of me to make it look like junk. LUCKILY! I love it when they make the decision easy for me. The chip leader was taking people out left and right. It was great. He was hitting everything. If he needed a King to win it, he hit it on the river. He hit a straight to bust a guys poket Aces. We were down to 4 and the blinds were at 50/100. I was short stacked after being blinded down and not really having many chances to steal blinds. The chip leader was playing very aggressive and was raising most pots. He eventually knocked out the guy that was 2nd in chips. If there is one thing I had learned early in this game it was not to mess with this guy. He would hit what he needed to knock you out. Hell, I think he knocked everyone out.

I was in the money, weee. I love making it to the money. Especially when I have had to scrape buy on the short stack most of the way there. I was at ~T800 and the blinds were 75/150, so I was in the allin or fold with anything good. I stole a couple blinds and made it up around T1000, then that chip leader doubled up the other guy to about T2600, and I thought for sure I was destined for a 3rd place finish. Shortly after I doubled up off the chip leader with A6s when a 6 hit the flop and the river. I was still on the short stack, but was in the hunt again. I got blinded back down to around T800 again.

The guy in second could have folded every hand and taken the 2nd place money. Instead he decided to make a move with A7o. I folded whatever crap hand I had and the chip leader moved in enough to put him allin. He called and the soon after was out in 3rd. Unbelievable! I have done it myself, but have really tried to limit doing something like that lately. I was going to be gone within 3 rounds.

Short story long...

I made it interesting turning my T800 in to T4000 but eventually he picked me off when I got too aggressive with a flopped pair of 8s to his flopped pair of Ks.

+ $17.

Total for the day. -$14



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