Wednesday, May 26, 2004

Ended last night on the + side

Since I only have time to play around an hour at the .25/.50 NL ring and 1 or 2 $10+1 SnGs my good days will not sound as good as other bloggers that win or lose $500 - $1000 a day. Of course I want to win as much money as I can... I just don't have enough time without distractions in the day to play more than I do.

That being said, here are last nights results:

I usually get home around midnight here on the west coast (Portland, OR). I get something to eat and log in to Poker Stars. I check to see if any SnGs are close to filling and if not I see if I can find one of the NL tables without the regular sharks sitting at them. You know, the ones playing on 5 tables and usually up on most of them. So far that is my table selection criteria.

So, I log in and the SnG is not close to being filled so I check on the NL ring. Sweet, 1 seat open and none of the usual sharks. I sit down, buying for $20, and fold for the first 3 orbits and I am down to around $17. I get A6s one off the button and limp in with the blinds completing and checking. The flop comes with an A and nothing else. SB checks, BB bets .50 and I raise to $1. SB folds. BB calls. Turn is a 6. BB bets out $5 I rereaise to $10. He puts me allin and I call. River is a 6 and I take down a nice $36 pot.

I requested the hand history to see if I had rivered him. Nope he had A2o. Not even 2 pair, yummy.

Couple more orbits went by and I was just blinding away my winnings. $10+1 was filling up so I took my $15 profit and left.

Total +$15

I folded a couple marginal hands like KTs and Q9s, and wasn't really getting anything better. I was down around T1200 or so, and my PF raises were getting respect as they should have folding away for so long. I took advantage of it to steal a couple blinds here and there. Nothing over aggressive just staying alive.

Later I doubled up when my KK held up against AQo. We got down to 4 and I was short stacked as usual. I really think I play some of my best poker short stacked. I stole a couple blinds moving allin. Oddly enough there was another player there that was being 'coached' while we were playing. The 'coach' kept on telling this guy to "drop the hammer, NOW". It was irritating, but he ended up knocking out the bubble guy, so I was happy.

I went up to 2nd in chips and then quickly back down to last. Just hanging in stealing with decent hands and trying to weather the storm. The chip leader was playing pretty aggressive (as he should). The other guy was getting really irritated with the 'coach' and so was I. I doubled up off the chip leader when he called my allin A9o with A3o. The 'coach' said they would talk about that later, hehe.

It was like a rollercoaster up and down. I doubled up agaisnt the chip leader again. Okay so I drew out on him. He had an Ace I had QJo and I hit the J. The 'coach' told him everything was alright that I drew out on him. Blah, blah, blah.

Chip leader knocked the other guy out when he drew out on him. I don't remember the cards, but they were both allin PF.

We went back and forth with the 'coach' telling him to drop the hammer on me every couple hands. I ended up taking the chip lead from him for a while.

I got AKo and checked it. He called and the flop came K high all hearts. I did not have any hearts, but thought my pair was good. I bet he raised and I called. He had been doing this reraise pretty often on the orders from his 'coach'. I was still feeling pretty good about my top pair. Turn was a rag. I bet he raised and I reraised enough to put him allin. He went in to the think tank. The whole time his 'coach' was telling him to "drop the hammer, NOW!". He folded. Wish I knew what he had.

Short story long, as usual, I ended up out in 2nd. He was raising PF everyhand and I was just not getting any cards. I finally took a stand and busted out.

Overall I was pretty happy with my play. Hung in with the short stack, and gave him a run for the money at the end.

The coach offered his services for a 'small fee'. I said no thanks.

Total +$17

Night total +32



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