Saturday, May 15, 2004

Cards in the air !

After reading many of the wonderful blogs that are out there currently, I thought it would be fun and educational to create my own. There are several that I read on a regular basis including PokerOdyssey, GuinessandPoker, CardSpeak and PokerWorks among others. There are many others (lots of free time at work), but those are the ones I read each day.

I do hope to make this a regularly updated blog, but it will depend on how much I think I am getting out of it. The main reason for doing this was from a post I read on PokerOdyssey... He said that writing about playing has helped his play a great deal. Now that sounds pretty great. My play can use some help.

Now on to my play. There is plenty to work on, but the top two things right now are table selection and opponent reading. Time and time again I read about the importance of table selection and getting good reads on people. I can usually pick out the maniac at the table or the ultra tight person, but there is so much more that I know I am not picking up.

Well I better get back to work (watching the game).



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