Saturday, May 22, 2004

Beginning continued...

Let's see, where did I leave off...

Oh yea, I just got a $10 bankroll. If memory serves, and it usually doesn't, I entered a couple $1 multis. I believe I even made the money on one of them. Seems it was about an $0.82 profit. I went on to finally bust out of that first $10, but I kept on hanging out with my new poker friend, and for reasons still unknown to me, when he would win he would transfer me some dough. We talked poker quite a bit and he pointed me to the 2+2 forum.

I entered more micro buyin multis and made some very micro profits. One time when talking to my poker friend he suggested that I try out the head to head NL SnG, and he transfered me $11 to try a couple of the $5.25 buyin tables.

I turned that $11 into $50 before eventually busting out again. I would still play the Midnight my time NL freeroll on most nights. I took 2nd out of a 3800 player field which qualified me to play in the Sunday 2nd rounder for real money. The upcoming Sunday was a game that I was not used to playing so I emailed Poker Stars and asked them if they would move my entry to the following week so I could play limit Holdem. They did, and even though I got to the table about 1/2 hour late I ended up taking 2nd for a $50 win. What an unbelievable feeling that was. My bankroll was sitting at about $65 and I was feeling great about it.

After peaking at about $110 I ended up giving it all back. Looking back it was stupid things like playing well above my level at the $1/2 limit ring games instead of sticking with the NL SnG's and low buyin tourneys. Again I was busted.

This must have been around Christmas time. I asked Santa for a poker book that was recommended by the good people over at the 2+2 forums, and since I had been a good boy I received "Winning Low Limit Holdem" by Lee Jones . I also had read "Theory of Poker" by David Sklansky, but at the time it was a bit advanced. I didn't have enough of the basic strategies down, and the more advanced thinking just was over my head at the time. Maybe I will buy it and read it again. The first time I checked it out from the library.

After my first read of WLLH I really tightened up my game, even a bit more than what is suggested in the book. I found, like most new players, I was playing far too many hands in the wrong position. On a side note, I think I am playing a bit too tight at present.

Whenever I would talk to my poker friend he would ask how the bankroll was doing. I have always been totally honest with him. I really don't want to take advantage of his generosity. He has helped me so much, and I feel kind of guilty for accepting the money that I have. I would love to win a decent size chunk of change so I could pay him back. Maybe someday I will. He shipped me one last $20. I still do a find player whenever I log in to the tables and chat with him for a while. With me going back to work I don't get to talk to him much anymore. I miss that quite a bit. He still asks me how the roll is diong everytime we talk.

The best part... Now when he asks, I can tell him that the roll is solid. I have turned that last $20 he sent me in to over $250. I have always told him that if he ever said the word I would ship him the balance of my account... And I really mean it, if he asked it would be all his. I guess that is how I can sleep at night, hehe.

I guess that is enough about the beginning...



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